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15,16, 17 & 18 OCTOBER

hackathon maker
Inspired by nature, designed by human

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Innovative innitiative

3 Days to create new sustainable product experience with 3D printing

New product design in the Age of experience, sustainable and inspired by Nature


The discovery of the product / packaging, the handling, the act of openness and consumption constitute a unique consumer experience. The discovery can involve the secondary packaging that reveals the gem (primary packaging) contained inside.


The product / packaging is anchored in sustainable development practices, by the choice of materials used (for primary and secondary packaging) and how it will be produced, transported, recycled and / or recharged.


Nature knows how to create organisms using a minimum of energy and producing a inimum of waste, while optimizing them to their environment and making them recyclable.

3D printing is a natural growth, without waste, capable of producing a multitude of configurations optimized for the use of the product.

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Innovation event

3 days hackathon maker to foster innovation in the cosmetic and fragrance world

3 days of intense innovation hackathon

3 days of challenge with mentors and a jury of experts to move from an innovative idea to a project.

Participants from diverse backgrounds

A collective intelligence event with makers, engineers, creatives, cosmetic's expert, designers ...

A unique entrepreneurial experience

The opportunity to learn, meet and innovate together.

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The Challenge, are you a maker ?

Imagine a new digital store experience based on 3D printing. It will allow the client to design and personalize a product and its packaging; inspired by nature and sustainable.
Any ideas related to a makeup kit, a care cream or a bottle of perfume will be accepted.


Good news,
the call for ideas and for applications
is open!

Various profiles, multiple expertise to innovate together

Passionate innovator
Cosmetic expert
Art director
Data scientist

Experts to facilitate innovation!

A team of mentors, an exceptional jury and innovation facilitators to accompany and make possible this event of collective intelligence.


A unique place to welcome you!

We believe that the environment is essential to encourage and facilitate innovation in collective intelligence.


The winning team will win 4000€ to facilitate his innovative project!

thanks to the support of

A 3 days event

An amazing collective intelligence experience.

06:00 pmWelcome of the participants

06:35 pm Flash conferences and presentation of Christian Dior, Guerlain, Kenzo and Sephora

7:45 pm Pitch 1mn of the participants

07:30 pm Start of group work

10:00 pm End of the first day

6 pm Welcome of participants and mentors

7:00 pm Mentoring Session

8:00 pm Dinner and group work

23:00 End of the second day

8:15 am Home - Breakfast

9:00 am Mentoring Session

11:00 am Teamwork

12:00 Lunch

01:00 pm Team work

5:30 pm Presentation of 3D models

06:00 pm End of the third day

8:15 am Welcome & breakfast

9:00 am Pitch preparation start

11:55 am Delivery of usb keys for the pitchs

12.00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Teamwork

3:30 pm Start of the pitches

5.00 pm Announcement of the winners & Cocktail

06:00 pm End of the Hackathon

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They share their experiences

An innovation event putting experience and the human at the center of the process.


"I was able to meet an incredible community, both at the level of the participants and the experts accompanying"

Alexis Dubas
Former participant

Unique experience!

"An extra opportunity to form a team of enthusiasts and present his project to large groups"

Vincent bernard
Former participant

Thank you!

"I loved being able to benefit from the Startup Inside method to finally realize my project"

Julia lug
Former participant

A question ?

What is a hackathon? 

The Hackathon is an innovation challenge in a limited time frame in which about 100 participants have the opportunity to:

- Lead projects, form teams with diverse and complementary skills, experience the beginnings, an entrepreneurial adventure

- Try to win the prizes that will allow them to embark on a new adventure

- Create an exciting project with a versatile team.  

Win prizes and support, have fun, meet other talented people, get out of your comfort zone and learn new skills, network with influential people in the industry, test your ability to manage a project, join a team, work intensively in a limited time.

Does the idea belong to my team?

Yes, your idea and your project belong to you. You decide if you're doing something at the end of the Hackathon, with your
team or a part of the team.

We do not claim any intellectual property. Our goal is to help you realize your projects and provide you with an environment and tools for entrepreneurial creation.

Which idea can I pitch? 

Sky is the limit! We deliberately have themes and targets wide enough to allow participants to come up with ideas as disruptive and as innovative as possible.

What are the evaluation criteria?

The jury is composed of experts, founders of Startup and VC.

The evaluation criteria are based on certain aspects such as:
- Proposition of value
- Pitch quality
- Feasibility of the project
- Durability of the project
- Inspired by nature
- Esthetism
- Fonctionality
- Quality of the team
- Idea
- etc ...

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